About Us


Bath Savvy is proud to announce a blog to make it easier for you – the customers – to find out about our sales, events, and natural wellness tips.

Those who are new to Bath Savvy will have the opportunity to get acquainted with us through this blog. We’ll be discussing everything from the latest news in the personal care industry to why going natural is better and how our customers have benefitted from the switch.

We are a family owned and operated business that specializes in handmade soaps and body products. We began in the kitchen of Jan Reaves, a young mother interested in crafting healthy soaps for her daughters using pure essential oils and all-natural ingredients. After perfecting her creations, Jan’s daughters urged her to make her skin-softening products available to customers nationwide. Her hobby then turned into a career as she developed an entire line of luxurious creams, moisturizers, and cleansers.

Our mission is simple: we strive to promote a healthy way of taking care of your body. All Bath Savvy products are free of sulfates, dyes, and artificial fillers, which we believe contributes to a more holistic view of healing and nourishment.

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