Sugar Scrub or Salt Scrub?

29 Apr
Bath Savvy Body Care

Handmade body scrubs can include fresh or dried herbs for aromatherapy.

What’s the difference between a sugar body scrub, and a salt scrub?

Both salt and sugar body scrubs are designed to exfoliate. This means they massage away layers of dirt and dead skin cells to reveal healthy, new skin underneath. Your skin sheds at a rapid rate. You basically have brand new skin every 30 days, and body scrubs help to keep the old stuff from getting in the way of the new growth.

The difference between salt and sugar scrubs is mainly in the granules themselves. Sugar granules are smaller, and dissolve more easily, so it is better suited for more sensitive skin. It’s gentler, and can be used on problem skin or by people who have problems like eczema. Salt is more abrasive. While this is great for calluses, it can sometimes cause irritation or slight stinging in troubled skin. For this reason, some of the best facial exfoliators are sugar scrubs. You can actually use a sugar scrub all over your body.

Sugar body scrubs don’t have the minerals that salt scrubs offer, though. Dead Sea salt scrubs, for instance, infuse minerals into skin like magnesium, potassium and calcium. All these minerals are great for restoring cellular strength, and can reduce signs of aging. (Of course, exfoliation itself reduces signs of aging.) If you choose to use a sugar body scrub, you can still get the benefits of mineral salts by soaking in a salt bath.

Depending on which natural oils are included in the body scrub, it can also moisturize skin as it exfoliates. Whichever scrub is right for you, it’s important to choose something that’s all natural, without chemicals or preservatives. Your skin is vulnerable during and after exfoliation, and can absorb these chemicals. Natural body scrubs ensure the new, healthy cells only absorb nutrients that protect them.


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