Skin Care: Caring for Acne and Troubled Skin

25 Apr

With the weather changing, our skin changes as well. If your skin tends to break out and you develop acne here’s a few simple tips to keep in mind and try for a healthy, glowing complexion.


1. Fight acne from the inside out. Eat a balance diet full of fiber and fresh fruits and vegetables.

2. Drink plenty of fluids to flush out impurities from the system. – atleast 8 – 10 glasses of water or water based beverages each day like herbal tea or diluted fruit juices.

3. Chocolate is fine but try to avoid or limit the amount of seafood and salty snacks you eat. They are both sources of iodine which can aggravate acne in some people.

4. Take  well balanced vitamins and or mineral supplements. Vitamins A and B6 and Zinc helps to clear up acne.

5. Keep your fingers ( and everyone elses!) out of your cosmetic products. This prevents germs and bacteria from entering into your products so use scoops and spatulas or pour creams, lotions etc into smaller containers with a pour lid.

6. Keep your hand and hair out of your face! Your hands and hair will only irritate blemishes plus it exposes the skin to harmful bacteria.

7.  Get plenty of rest. Lack of sleep can cause stress and stress leads to unexpected breakouts. Remember a clear head equates to clear skin.







Follow these tips and you’ll be summer skin ready in no time!


Tips from Natural Beauty at home by Janice Cox


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