Happy Earth Day from Bath Savvy!

21 Apr
Bath Savvy: Natural Handmade Body Care

Choosing to go with natural body products is one more way to support Mother Earth. Image from Earth911.

Happy Earth Day!

There’s something magical about this mighty blue marble we call home. The earth is a living thing, full of life supporting life in a never ending cycle. Here at Bath Savvy, we’re committed to respecting our planet. For us, this means being committed to handmade body products.

Simply choosing to use handmade body products goes a long way toward showing your support for mother earth. Too many commercial products include ingredients that don’t break down, or break down into harmful components. For instance, did you know parabens, which are often used as preservatives, break down into formaldehyde?


That’s just one example of how natural, handmade body products honor the planet. After all, the earth gives us amazing nutrients that are cleansing and nourishing without chemicals.

Take shea butter, for instance. Shea butter is produced by a tree, and is easy enough to harvest that rural women in Africa do it for their livelihoods. It’s made of vitamins E, A and F, and a variety of rich essential fatty acids.

Another example is olive oil. You’ve probably used it in cooking, but it’s been used since ancient times as a skin care agent. It promotes smooth, even complexions, fights free radicals and reduces signs of aging. Perfect for handmade body products.

And what about fragrances? Anyone who has smelled a flower or taken a walk through a forest knows that mother nature serves up some of the sweetest scents on earth (forgive our pun!) All natural handmade body products are made with pure essential oils, concentrated essences of the plants themselves. Not only do they smell sweet—they have therapeutic benefits too!

Using what the earth freely gives makes handmade body products a healthy choice for you and for the world.


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