Happy 2012!

9 Jan

2011 was a great year for Bath Savvy so we want to thank everyone that had a part in making it such a success. It is very exciting and encouraging to see the support for handmade and local businesses. Thank You all, your business is greatly appreciated!

We hope everyone has transitioned into the new year smoothly and ready for new beginnings. We are defintiely ready for an even greater success in 2012 as we have updated our products, revamped our blog and restocked our inventory.

We started back at the Rust Belt Market in Ferndale, Saturday and Sunday January 7-8, from 11am to 7pm and will be there every weekend this year. We hope to see you there in person or visit us online @ www.bathsavvy.com

While online check out the blog! This month, we are focusing on “A Healthier You.” So that, in addition, to being a source for all natural bath and body products, Bath Savvy can help share information with our customers. Here you can expect to find healthy living tips, articles on body care ingredients and their benefits, 100% natural beauty recipes that you can do at home and so much more.

We look forward to providing you with the tools on becoming a healthier you!

Best Wishes


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